Pet portrait colored pencil, German Shepherd K9 cop Falco

For Services Rendered, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Pet Portrait K9 Cop German Shepherd

Gary Indiana Police K9 Falco shot

Hello Fellow Artists!

I’m writing you this quick note to let you know that I’m starting a commission that is super-special to me. πŸ’™

For Services Rendered, Inc. is a dedicated group honoring the animals and their handlers in the military and law enforcement by presenting the recipients with professionally completed portraits of their K9 partners upon the animal’s death or retirement.

Recently, in Gary, Indiana, a bad guy shot and killed K9 officer Falco during a foot chase. Officers caught the bad guy. However, Falco paid the ultimate price. I saw the news about it and immediately requested to do a memorial for Falco.

Officer Lozano and Fallen K9 Officer Falco

I was so happy when I heard from For Services Rendered that I got the commission! I received a beautiful reference photo (an artist’s dream), so I’m off to start the commission.

I’ll post daily updates on my blog and Facebook page with my work-in-progress. I’ll also post on my YouTube channel and do some Live sessions.

I started today with the sketch, I like to do a black and white sketch before the actual portrait in color so I can find the values.

I’m also excited to use two pieces of drafting film for this drawing with colored pencils: One piece for the portrait and one for the background.

Mollys Fine art academy pet portrait
Starting out with a BW sketch before the portrait

Below are the links to follow my journey, I’ll also be posting real-time videos on my Patreon page.
I would love for you to join me for this special rendering of a hero.




Molly 🌻

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about drawing and colored pencils, visit my website for more info about my Academy!